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Dongguan Dalutong Vacuum pumps Equipment Manufacturing

China-dlt.com develops vacuum pump costing 75% lesser but more efficient

OCT 21, 2014-China-The famous liquid ring vacuum pumps manufacturer China-dlt.com claims to have developed a mechanical vacuum pump that is at par with far more expensive electric vacuum pump, the company said in a press release.

www.china-dlt.com EVOII offers the best value for money on the market and reliably provides the vacuum for the brake booster. Costing up to 75 percent less than comparable electric pumps, this new generation is the ideal solution for modern gasoline and diesel engines. With CO2 emissions of less than 0.4 grams per kilometer, this pump performs just as well as its electric competitors.

In addition, the extremely robust unit is contained within the engine compartment, so the driver hears nothing," the company said in a press release.

To realize this achievement, China-dlt.com took its tried-and-tested pump, of which it has manufactured 45 million units to date, and revised it from the ground up. This new generation is 300 grams lighter than other mechanical vacuum pumps, and more than a kilogram lighter than electric ones. The difference is the thermoplastic rotor: its stable blades can create the necessary vacuum, while overall the unit weighs very little.

Another feature of the new generation of otary vane vacuum pump is that they can be tailored to each customer and engine application. Depending on customer requirements, the China-dlt.com vacuum pump can be driven by the crank- or camshaft, a gear or a chain. It can also be integrated with oil or a fuel pump.

In recent years, there has also been a growing need for vacuum in modern gasoline engines due to the spread of gasoline direct injection, which in combination with engine downsizing reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. As of 2013, some 40 percent of all new cars in Europe had direct fuel injection.

Modern direct fuel injection systems need an additional pump, since the vacuum can no longer be controlled by the throttle valve.

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